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De-Stress Support© Inner Peace and Calm

$ 20.00

A highly effective calming plant infusion blend to support clarity, peace and confidence. Encourages balanced approach, multi-tasking skills, inner resourcefulness and calmness. Use when feeling stressed or under pressure. Helpful when doing public speaking, learning a new language or a new skill, going for an interview or simply needing to unwind.

noUse for – Stress, overwhelm, irritability and worry

yesBrings – Poise, confidence, tranquility and peace


De-Stress Support© provides support when you are experiencing any of the following:

  • Having too many balls in the air and needing to juggle multiple tasks or roles.
  • Feeling stressed, impatient, or cannot relax.
- Feeling overwhelmed or scattered.
  • Having an inner conflict or being pulled in two directions.
Studying or learning a new language.
  • Doing public speaking or going for an interview


yesAssists you to be in the right frame of mind for the task on hand.

yesHelps to stay balanced, calm and clear.

yesHelps to feel confident and capable to face challenges.

yesEnhances the ability to juggle multiple tasks and roles.

yesSupports the ability to prioritise and make real progress.

yesHelps you to stay in charge and overcome negative thinking.

Contains: Alkaline mineral water (aqua), natural preservative (ethanol), aqueous botanical infusions of six New Zealand native plants.

Easy to use 20ml Oral Spray: Spray 2-4 times under the tongue 3 times a day.
 Can be taken more frequently if desired and for as long as required. For maximum benefit, once the bottle is opened, continue taking until the bottle is finished.


Ingredients and benefits of each essence used in this blend.

Native Flax (Phormium tenax) Enthusiasm. Eases impatience, emotional tension, frustration, irritability and overstrain. Supports positive outgoing attitude to life. Helps to feel alive and ready to face the world and fully engage with life. Helps to meet challenges and handle new situations with ease.

Coastal Lobelia (Lobelia anceps) Decisiveness. Supports equanimity, objectivity, mental strength and clarity. Helps to develop an unbiased attitude, reduce victim mentality and create a state of balance and neutrality, especially when experiencing inner conflicts or needing to make a decision.

Karamu (Coprosma robusta) Manifestation. Supports concentration. Helps to stay focused when needing to juggle multiple tasks or when feeling overwhelmed or scattered. Encourages alignment between the higher and lower self and enhances self-belief to help achieve goals and make things happen.

Koromiko (Hebe stricta) Wisdom. Promotes inner poise and tranquility. Enhances intuition. Encourages emotional self-sufficiency when feeling isolated, misunderstood, empty, unsure or drawn into drama. Provides energetic support to women who feel they do not fit into the traditional role of the ‘mother’.

Golden Corokia (Corokia cotoneaster) Grace. Helps to feel balanced and poised when feeling frustrated or when facing major changes (mid-life crisis, resignation, divorce, etc). Helps to see things from a different perspective. Assists in seeing the bigger picture and meeting challenges with grace, patience and openness.

Matata (Rhabdothamnus solandrii) Adaptability. Supports mental balance and inner peace. Promotes adaptability, flexibility, open-mindedness and tranquility. Supports healthy mental functioning and emotional wellbeing. Helpful for those who have a very busy mind.

This is not a medical diagnosis and is not meant as a treatment for physical issues. Please consult your medical health advisor for a treatment plan.




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