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Consultation – Creating Real Change

$ 60.00

One hour consultation designed to treat the cause and heal the spirit. This consultation is ideal if you have a specific issue/ problem/imbalance you want to address. An ideal approach that supports you on your healing journey to bring healing, and create holistic wellbeing. Make the changes you want to make in your life, and assist you to achieve your objectives. Whether you want to bring healing to a problem area of life, dynamically working on self-development, or to support those walking a spiritual pathway, book a consultation in the link below. Includes One Therapeutic Bottle Oral Blend of Essences.


What to expect – how I work.

I will work with you to help you gain an understanding of what the deeper issues are, areas to work consciously with, and create genuine potent and integrative change. (Often with some humour thrown in, laughter is the medicine of the gods). I use intuitive wisdom, ancient wisdom knowledge of the Medicine Woman/Shaman with a combination of NLP Master Practitioner, NLP Coaching skills and First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand®. These essences are known as the “The Sacred Plant Medicine of Aotearoa”. I use these powerful essences combined with their ancient wisdom knowledge and practices to create a unique blend of NZ Firstlight Flower Essences that will treat the cause of the issue and gently bring about transformation. Creating the optimum healing outcome for you.

Included: Each session includes a one month supply of your personalised Treatment Blend made from First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® range of 144 sacred plant essences carefully chosen to target the core issues and create the optimum healing outcome.

Session can be in person, skype or via email.




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