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Recovery Kit© Trauma, Grief and Fresh Start

$ 60.00

• Trauma Support© Freedom and Recovery

• Grief Support© Care and Comfort

• New Beginnings Support© Fresh Start

A carefully combined restorative kit containing three First Light Natural Health® products that support fast effective recovery. Use in times of grief, loss of a loved one, loss of home or security and for the after effects of traumatic experiences and natural disasters. The unique combination of New Zealand native plants in this kit is designed to assist in creating a fresh new start in life.

The three potent Flower Essence Blends in this kit have been exquisitely crafted to synergistically work together bringing transformative emotional support.


Use Recovery Kit©, if you are: Feeling stuck at crossroads, lost, directionless, helpless. 
Experiencing emotional pain, guilt, sorrow, suffering. 
Living in the past and wishing things were ‘like they used to be’.

Benefits: Provides emotional comfort and assists in restoring emotional balance and stillness. Helps to let go, come to peace with the past and become open to new possibilities. 
Supports you to create new dreams and make new plans.

Trauma Support© Freedom and Recovery Grief Support© Care and Comfort New Beginnings Support© Fresh Start
A highly effective restorative plant infusion blend to support emotional healing and letting go. Assists in restoring natural equilibrium and sense of safety allowing you to move on from painful experiences. Gentle and freeing. Use for the after effects of traumatic experiences, when feeling guilty, empty, dead or lost, or when experiencing turmoil, suffering or sorrow. A highly effective comforting plant infusion blend to provide emotional support and care during times of bereavement or loss. Assists in healing heart-felt emotions, coming to terms with the past and stepping onto the next phase. Gentle and soothing. Use when trying to cope with a loss, feeling isolated, guilty, regretful or going through grief. A highly effective uplifting plant infusion blend to enable a fresh start and a new beginning. Helps to feel uplifted and look forward to new opportunities. Refreshing and strengthening. Use when starting a new job, family, relationship, business, building a house or starting anew after a loss, relocation or major change. Also helpful when undertaking or experiencing personal transformation.
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