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Therapist and Caregiver Kit© Self-Care, Client Focus and Aura Clear

$ 60.00

A carefully combined supporting kit containing three First Light Natural Health® products to support those who offer care or service to others. The Therapist and Caregiver Kit© brings an effective solution to the problems of stress and exhaustion often associated with voluntary or professional work. The unique combination of New Zealand native plants in this kit helps to maintain high levels of functioning and self-care in your chosen healing or helping capacity.

The three potent Flower Essence Blends in this kit have been exquisitely crafted to synergistically work together bringing transformative emotional support.


Use Therapist and Caregiver Kit©, if you are: Working in a private practice, hair or beauty salon, spa, yoga studio, health clinic, rest home or hospital. 
- Providing hands on treatments to others, such as massage, healing, therapy and other services. Seeing clients or providing care to others on a regular basis.

Benefits: Provides the necessary emotional and energetic support to therapists, healers and caregivers in the 21st Century. Provides support and protection when you are working with others. Helps to have the energy and means to meet the needs of clients and those in care.

Aura Clear Support© Energetic Cleanse Client Focus Support© Heart Centred Self-Care Support© Avoiding Burnout
A highly effective clearing plant infusion blend to clear and purify your personal energetic space. Strengthens and protects your aura to help you feel well and robust. Use at the end of a working day, when you feel ‘people are in your space’ or when feeling tired, groggy or heavy. Also provides energetic protection from being in shopping malls, traffic, public transport, offices or other public places. A highly effective attuning plant infusion blend to support clear heart-based connections helping you to maintain clarity and objectivity and know exactly what you need to do and say in each situation. Centring and empowering. Ideal for counsellors, coaches, hairdressers, beauty therapists, yoga teachers, personal trainers, caregivers and other people who provide care or service to others. A highly effective self-nurturing plant infusion blend to support optimal levels of energy and wellbeing when providing care or service to others. Provides an essential emotional and energetic support to therapists, healers and caregivers. Ideal for people who work in a private practice, hair or beauty salon, yoga studio, health clinic, rest home, hospital or other place of care or service.
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