First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® are natural vibrational remedies to achieve holistic wellbeing – powerful yet gentle


Emotional support for every situation. Bring healing harmony balance and wellness to daily life. Life Changing!


Created by award-winning New Zealand researcher Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber, from specially selected native plants growing only in the pristine forests of New Zealand.


100% Natural Emotional Remedies safe for all ages including children and pets.

Ready-made range of First Light Natural Health® Products

Specifically formulated three bottle Kits that work synergistically together. Help your child to build emotional resilience, bring out their creative talents and unlock their potential with Happy Kidz Kit©.

Increase your energy and vitality with Wellbeing Kit©. Support your teenager to stand strong. Healthy Teenz Kit© will help your teenager to let go of stress, build emotional resilience and inner resourcefulness. Help focus on what’s important. Mother and Baby Support© is ideal for both new mums and to adjust and keep up with the changing family needs. Supports nurturing. Use Recovery Kit© when recovering from a loss or facing unexpected changes and upheavals.

Therapist and Caregiver Kit© is for you if you work with people on a regular basis or extra demanding family needs and want to keep yourself in optimal condition. Looking after your own wellbeing.

Personalised Therapeutic Blends

Have a personalised therapeutic blend formulated that directly addresses your unique needs. Made exclusively with Award Winning First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® essences.

These 144 therapeutic essences are considered to be the most advanced range of essences/vibrational medicine available in the world today. The range of 144 flower, fern, tree, seed and plant essences from First Light Flower Essences of NZ® embody the full power and intelligence of Nature. They gently cleanse, clear, strengthen, re-pattern, and transform dis-harmonious emotions, attitudes, hereditary patterns and unhelpful responses to life. Work with the specialist plant essences to create soul strength and master soul lessons. 100% Natural Emotional Remedies that treat the cause and heal the spirit, bringing empowered inner harmony and peace. Use the online order form to self select or book a personal session with Kim Ahrens to target the cause of an issue and bring transformation to all levels of your being, gently and holistically.

First Light Natural Health® Oral Sprays

First Light Natural Health® Oral Sprays address six common situations. Crisis Support© Nature to the Rescue is an important first step in any physical, emotional, mental emergency. Crisis Support© gently smooths, calms and brings an easing. Research shows untreated trauma causes dis-harmony and potently dis-ease. De-Stress Support© Inner Peace and Calm encourages balance, resourcefulness and calmness. Prolonged stress is damaging and over time can result in dis-ease. Sleep Support© Sweet Dreams can be used as needed or everyday to bring change to sleep habits. De-Tox Support© Release Old Habits use to help let go of the old, break a habit, fasting, dieting or detoxing. Travel Support© Jet Lag Free use when travelling by plane, boat, car or train. Moving country or relocating. Motion sickness or feeling uncomfortable during travel. Fear of travelling. Tired, weary or fatigued. Weight Loss Support© Natural Weight Management. Use when ready to let go and release. Difficulty sticking to a healthy diet or an exercise plan. Struggling with self-image. Feeling blocked by unexpressed emotions. Feeling resentful, envious, bitter, stagnant, powerless or blaming others. Ideal sprays for the handbag, kitchen or first-aid kit.

Our Services

Our consultation designed to bring insight, clarity and understanding to your life experiences. This consultation is ideal if you have a specific issue/ problem/imbalance you want to address. An ideal approach that supports you to bring healing, and enhance holistic wellbeing. Make the changes you want to make in your life! Don’t settle for the status quo anymore. Whether you want to bring healing to a problem area of life, dynamically working on self-development, improve relationships, self confidence, self awareness, know your soul purpose, or simply understand the beautiful gifts you have to bring to your life and world. Book a consultation in the link below. Includes One Therapeutic Bottle Oral Blend of Essences.

Mothers Support

A highly effective reassuring plant infusion blend to support the natural intuition of a mother. Helps to feel centred, confident and assured in your role as a mother so you are able to deal with situations in a stress free manner and provide nurturing and care to others. Use at any stage of motherhood or when feeling stressed due to the many demands on yourself and juggling the role of a mother.


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