Rengarenga Lily (Arthropodium cirratum), commonly called New Zealand Rock Lily or Maikaika in Māori language, is a New Zealand native plant known to be one of the sacred mauri, talismans, in Maori culture.

Rengarenga Lily is an attractive and versatile plant with soft and drooping leaves. From this seemingly ordinary backdrop of green come long stems that in summer produce masses of graceful white flowers. The ordinary and mundane aspects of life can appear to be just like a backdrop to your own rich inner world that Rengarenga Lily helps you to access.

Traditional Use

In Māori tradition, Rengarenga Lily had many applications and was used for food and medicine. Because of its thick root it was one of the few native plants cultivated by Māori for food. The leaves and the root were used as internal and external remedies for a variety of ailments and the plant was honoured for its spiritual healing benefits.

The mystery-mongering old tohunga gave the plant miraculous medicinal virtues. – Murdoch Riley, Māori Healing and Herbal, New Zealand Ethnobotanical Sourcebook

Rengarenga Lily is a hardy and adaptable plant with an abundance of six-petalled white flowers. It likes to grow in coastal areas and on rocks around the North Island and in some parts of the South Island. It is an evergreen plant that reaches up to a metre when blooming. Because of its ability to grow well in shade and in dry soil, it is becoming popular as a home garden plant.

Me ai ki te hua o te rengarenga me whakapakari ki te hua o te kawariki  may you be nourished by the fruit of the rengarenga and of the kawariki – Māori proverb, whakatauaaki

Modern Use and The Unique Qualities of Rengarenga Lily

The beautiful Rengarenga Lily is one of the 36 flower essences from the First Light® range of New Zealand native essences.

Rengarenga Lily helps to bring forth imaginative and creative expression into life.

Rengarenga Lily is ideal when:

  • You might be avoiding the present by retreating into your own inner world.
You might be stuck thinking that ’it’ could have been bigger and better .
  • There is stress or anxiety relating to self-expression and creativity.

The 5 benefits of Rengarenga Lily:

  1. Opens you up to seeing and exploring creative possibilities and supports you to express from your powerful creative centre.
  2. Supports you to stay creative during times of stress and crisis.
  3. Works to bring balance for those who constantly need to be in the centre of attention, often by over-dramatising things.
  4. Helps to break through creative blocks and bring ideas into reality.
  5. Creates moments of positive uninhibited enjoyment and pleasure.

Rengarenga Lily helps bring joy back into your life by supporting the full and creative expression of a healthy ego. By bringing forth the artistic and creative potential from your powerful creative centre, life becomes joy filled and a dynamic expression of positive creative tension.

I bring the gift of creative experience.
Through me you pit yourself against life;
Seeing the backdrop of events as opportunities
for the perpetual unfolding
and expression of self. – Deva Blessing, First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand®

First Light Natural Health® Confident Kidz Support©Creative Kidz Support©Crisis Support© and Sleep Support© contain Rengarenga Lily and are designed to support imagination and creative problem solving.

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Image via Jean-Michel Moullec Plant images via First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand®