Exam and Study Support for our teenagers

Exam and Study Support to the rescue!
Exam and Study Support to the rescue!

Good Morning everyone, I woke knowing it is going to be another brilliant day, a magical day. The subject of todays Life is Magical series is EXAMS – The ultimate in stress

creation for so many, but it doesn’t need to be.  As always Nature is here to help if you want to do the best you can in your exams, or support your child to manage their focus and attention, and NOT get distracted.

The exam season is coming up again for year 11, 12 and 13’s and I have again a small stock of NZ First Light Flower Essences “EXAM AND STUDY SUPPORT”, a combination of oral vibrational essences that support a ” Calm clear mind; mental focus and memory recall; for accessing right and left brain function.” This is a really great blend for teenagers coming up to exam time. My daughters both ask for this now as they have found it to be really good for them. 


Simply place 3 drops from the 10ml stock bottle under the tongue or by placing 2-4 drops of the essence in a small tumbler of water and sipping frequently. Repeat 3-4 times daily or as required. I suggest starting at the beginning of the xmas holidays taking three times a day then during exams having additional 3 drops under the tongue before and during exams. I know my daughter  has four exams on the first day and will be taking this blend at least two weeks before and during the exams themselves.

Contains: Mountain Parahebe, Matata, Koru, Kowhai, Karo, Karaka, Koromiko, Coastal Lobelia

to order go to www.naturesdesignforlife.com and under “Ask Kim” type exam and study support, price is only 20 euro per bottle.  That has to be the most amazing purchase you could make for your teenager.

Have a magical day….31

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