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About Kim Ahrens

I feel very blessed to have found  my life purpose as Healer, Shaman, Spiritual Coach and Spiritual Mentor.  As a New Zealand Native Flower Essence Practitioner,  In my practice I specialize in and work exclusively with the high vibrational range of essences from First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand for myself, family, friends and clients. This range of oral essences fully and authentically support ones journey to wholeness. I am passionate and dedicated to working with the spirit, soul and personality of each person that they may grow, evolve and find their own power and holistic wellbeing.  I have received countless acknowledgements for the intuitive wisdom and insight I bring to my clients. This is a testament to the incredible training that I have received from some special teachers. It is this extra-ordinary training that has formed and shaped the skills I bring to my clients.

It is an honour to introduce into Europe and now the USA the First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® as part of my life purpose. Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber, founder of First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® has named me as an Ambassador for First Light®. It makes me laugh to remember when I was first given the opportunity to train as an Apprentice Shaman with Franchelle, I immediately said “yes”, but stated that I was not interested in being a Flower Essence Practitioner and Therapist. At the time I loved working with clients as an NLP Coach. I never knew that I would become 100% dedicated to flower essence therapy. Now, I could not imagine working with any client without using the First Light ® Essences. I had to find out first hand how effective, complex and incredibly powerful these essences are.   I found working with First Light Flower Essences® fully and dynamically supports this process to a far greater degree,  than I can achieve alone with clients as a NLP Coach and Master Practitioner. It is estimated that working with these particular essences speeds up healing and spiritual progress 300 times that of other modalities. Leaving you in a position to really get on and make the most of your life and bring to humanity the gifts you have to give.

Like many Healers and Shaman I had to learn the path of spiritual healing for myself before I could be of assistance to others.  In 2000 I had my first child and within months my brother committed suicide. I immediately moved back to NZ from London to support my family.  However, within weeks my much beloved Nana passed. Then my mother a year later weeks after the birth of my second child. Followed by my grandfather and finally my father. My 3rd child was born with a heart condition and needed emergency surgery more than once.  All this happened over a very short space of time. While I had to be strong for my family each day I was also really suffering from grief, trauma and loss.  It was only by working with First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand that I was able to completely heal and transcend to a whole new level of wholeness I had never known before.  Hence my complete dedication to helping others return to wholeness, and my tool of choice is the immensely powerful and unique essences created from the Fauna and Flora of Native New Zealand flowers, ferns, trees, plants and seeds from within the pristine forests of New Zealand and made with ancient chants and unique knowledge by Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber.

Now of course my children and even our new dog daily take the essences to support them in their lives daily, and what a difference they make. It is beautiful to watch my children select their own essences when they are struggling with a problem. They use the 144 First Light Flower Essence cards to intuitively select up to 8 essences to support them. This bypasses the logical mind and tunes them into their own inner knowing. This approach is available for all my clients if they would like to work this way.

In 2014 I had the great honour of officially being given my medicine name of “White Eagle Medicine Woman of Truth” by Dr. Rangimarie Turuki Arikirangi Rose Pere C.B.E. C.M in her official capacity as “White Eagle Medicine Woman of Peace. Dr. Pere was given the name “White Eagle Medicine Woman of Peace” in 1984 by the Cherokee Nation. A name and role that she carries with great mana, pride and responsibility. Dr. Pere is a woman of immense importance and highly esteemed in our world today as a wisdom keeper, educator and one of the last Tohuna of an ancient lineage of wisdom keepers. When one is officially given such a name it represents a great responsibility. I am still working to understand the responsibility and what is required of me. Wisdom and accurate insight is important.

I currently live in Paris with my husband and three children and now new dog, having previously lived in Singapore, London and Auckland. I have travelled all over the world as a spiritual journey to sacred places and meeting wisdom keepers, medicine men and shaman. I love finding the adventure in life, learning about the nature, spirit, people and cultures of where I travel and live. In recent years it has been magical to share this with my children.

In summary my training and back ground is:

  • – Financial and Management Accountant
  • – Film and Television Accountant
  • – NLP Master Practitioner
  • – NLP Coach
  • – New Zealand Business Mentor
  • – Diploma as Firstlight Flower Essence Practitioner and Therapist

With a great love, passion and determination I have sent many years training in Holistic Wellbeing as a Medicine Woman Healer/Shaman. This is part of Firstlight Flower Essences advanced training programmes of the “Medicine Woman Centre For Shamanic Studies “, considered by many to be the most advanced re-contextualized teachings of ‘The Ancient Wisdom Teachings ‘ in the world today.

I have completed and passed the:

  • – 6 Rites of Passage of the Six Moons
  • – 12 Rites of Passage of the Healer Shaman (receiving recognition for wisdom and insight)
  • – 24 Rites of Passage of the Shaman

Currently completing:

  • – 24 Rites of Passage of the Master Shaman

I first trained and worked for many years as an accountant, mainly in the Telecommunications industry and then many years in the Film and Television Industry in London. Working for Carlton Television, Action Time/Sky Television, BBC Entertainment, BBC Drama and later productions for Maori Television via a production company in New Zealand.

Yet it is my love and curiosity of how people can become more of who they are, and step into their potential that lead to my being extensively trained in NLP as a Practitioner, Master NLP Practitioner and NLP Coach. I consider myself very fortunate to have spent many years training with Ian McDermott of ITS Training Seminars in London, with the extra-ordinary elegance and grace that Ian brings to NLP. Later combing my skills as Business Mentor for Business Mentors of New Zealand. A balance of left and right brain processes.

I am I am blessed beyond words to have Franchelle Oskye-Wyber, a highly advanced Master Shaman and en-lightened being as my teacher and mentor in all my training and work as a Medicine Woman, Shaman, and Pratitioner of First Light® Flower Essences of New Zealand.


Other important teachers; I have trained to teacher level with Drunvalo Melchizedek teachings of the ancient wisdoms and power of the heart with “Awakening the Illuminated Heart”. Blessed to have received guidance and teaching from Grandfather Sinchi Incan High Priest and Quero Shaman, Grandfather Titus of the Hopi people and Grandfather Hollis.

A little of my history.

In 1992 my life changed dramatically having met two Maori women at a Maori Marae near Rotorua and invited to travel with them to the Hopi Indians in USA. My life became spiritually focused from that moment on. I left my Management Accountant job in New Zealand, and travelled to Hawaii, the Hopi Reservation and Peru receiving spiritual guidance and support from some very special medicine men along the way. In addition, I had heard the call from spirit and seen a vision of a shaman on top of a mountain. I found the shaman who had called me, an Incan High Priest high in the Andes Mountains and was adopted as an Incan Sister. I later received the healing and spiritual mantel from this special Incan High Priest when he passed over. This was the beginning of a lifetime spiritual journey and extra-ordinary and magical/shamanic experiences. Over the last 23 years I have travelled all over the world, and as a result have developed a great respect for all cultures, all religions and the power and wonder of spirit.

Grandfather Sinchi, Incan High Priest – Q’ero Shaman and ancient wisdom keeper.

We were the first white people to met this amazing man in his capacity as Q’ero Shaman and Incan High Priest. I was given permission to use his image and name but to keep the location secret to protect his linage and teachings.

When I look back I realise that I have had a very magical and unusual life. Yet I have also had considerable loss and challenging times. After the birth of my first child I lost my brother to suicide. This was quickly followed by the loss of many of my family. For a number of years everyday life was a challenge with little children, bereavements and a husband who worked overseas. However, every experience brings the opportunity to grow and evolve and I pleased to say I have grown stronger and wiser from this.

Life is not about making everything perfect, it is about rising to the challenges that life throws at us and becoming more then you previously were, growing in wisdom and understanding, developing greater levels of balance, harmony and peace within oneself. I can truly say that my life has been and is magical.

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