The freedom to choose


The other day I signed up for a 7-day gratitude challenge. Last night I was REALLY grateful for 1.77 euro. I was out in the center of Paris heading for a meeting. I had travelled from La Defense to Chalets le Hales on a very packed train. Got to the street I was looking for, translates in English as the avenue of the swans. Noticed the zip on my bag was partly open and then discovered my purse was gone. Stolen in the packed train.

Quick change of plan and off to the police station, only told to come back the next day as the complaints office had left. I had to get back on the train and get home. I had in the bottom of my bag exactly 1.77euro. A child’s ticket was 1.75. Stopped at La Defense to ask if my purse had been handed in and then went to the police station there rather than waste my precious time the next day. A very lovely and respectful policeman took all the information. 1-½ hours of form filling in.

From the beginning to end I had not once felt upset, angry or any form of negativity, emotional or mental. I had like the swan just changed direction and continued feeling peaceful and serene. Someone had stolen my wallet and it just is, but it is my choice to give away my harmony and I choose not to give this away.

It is not what happens in life – it is how we respond to those moments. It is in the response to life that the magic really flows. Each moment is an opportunity to be more than you were before, to rise to the challenges that life gives you, to remain as often as possible in the moment, and stay in heart, keeping inner harmony and peace. The person who stole my wallet has created karma in their life and life will teach them. But I choose not to be part of that process.

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