Harnessing the Power of 2016

2016 A new dawn a new year.
2016 A new dawn a new year.

How are you going to make the most of this New Year!

The beginning of the New Year is the time to dream, visualize and plan for the year ahead. What do you want to achieve? How are you going to make your dreams happen? It is an important process to engage in, before the complexities of daily life start to hit and quickly take you off track.

While many people do engage in this process, what few people don’t realise is that there are many different and sometimes conflicting cycles in life. The ancient wisdom traditions hold the knowledge of what these cycles are and how to work dynamically with them to create movement, change, and growth.

To make the most of the year ahead it is worth knowing what cycle you are in personally.

We are all aware of the cycles of the seasons, winter, spring, summer and autumn, morning noon and night, monthly moon cycles, sun cycles. A good fisherman always knows at what stage in the cycle the tide is at before he goes fishing. Yet, how many actually know and have an understanding of what their own life, soul, and yearly cycle is they are in. For so many of my clients, just becoming aware of these personal cycles, knowing the challenges they bring and how to turn these into opportunities is incredibly empowering. Learning to intelligently work with and incorporate an understanding of these cycles in their lives along with the appropriate New Zealand Native Plant Essences that correspond and fully support their individual life and year cycles brings real empowerment. This is a worthwhile journey of harnessing the power of knowing yourself.

Yet there are other cycles that you can work with as well besides your own personal life and year cycles. Each year has a unique flavor, focus and energy that can be harnessed to maximize your successes throughout the year. Using the ancient processes of astrology and numerology Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber of First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand has given us an idea of the theme and character for 2016, and how to harnesses and work with the energies of this year to maximize the potentials for success. See chart below from Franchelle

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From Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber of First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand

The Year 2016 is a Number 9 Year

2106 Frist Light Flower Essences of New Zealand
First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand

Being a 9 year which is the last number in the series of numbers from 0 to 9 makes 2016 a very significant and important year. The number 9 is the number of completion, accomplishment and perfection. It is also the number associated with the establishing of sound foundations upon which a stable and enduring structure can be built.

What is done or accomplished in a number 9 year can create the basis for accomplishing long held dreams and objectives.

A number 9 year is the perfect time to also complete any unfinished business. This is why the number 9 is associated with success. It works to create the conditions out of which success can emerge. It brings to a close a past cycle and prepares the way for a whole new cycle. A cycle that if the necessary foundation has been created is one that is characterised by accomplishment, perfection, fulfilment and enhanced awareness.

Five First Light® Essence Recommendations for 2016

In a Number 9 year it is very beneficial to work with the following three First Light® essences together as a triangle of power to support healthy ambition, leadership abilities, presence of mind, commitment to excellence and effectiveness.

No 28 Chatham Island Forget Me Not:The Aspiration essence’ Carries self with authority and conviction, secure in one’s place in the world, self-recognition.

No 29 Mairehau: ‘The Achievement essence’ Detached, neutral, performs at optimal level, strong and capable, leadership abilities.

No 30 Ngaio: ‘The Responsibility essence’ Consolidation, commitment, industrious, rekindled optimism.

In addition, the following two First Light®  essences enhance the ability to take advantage of the opportunities of 2016 – a number 9 year.

No 71 Coastal Convolvulus: ‘The Way Shower’ essence. This First Light® essence supports you to draw wisdom from past experiences to enable you to draw matters to a successful completion. Working with this essence will help you see things from a higher perspective, understand the inner nature of things and to see one’s part in the bigger picture or plan.

No 83 Kakabeak: ‘The Completion Essence.’ An essential First Light® essence for a 9 year as it helps to facilitate completion, fulfilment and successful closure. Using this essence throughout 2016 will help you move to a new level of awareness and to bring an enhanced sense of personal realisation, triumph and accomplishment. It will help you to be open to the new that is the next cycle in your life.

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