Moving Beyond Pain

“Our Aura reflects the sum total of all we have experienced in our life”

This is so true, and it is the negative and painful experiences in life that create a distorted pattern in the energy field which is electro-magnetic in its makeup. It is these distorted patterns held in the aura that in-part cause repeated similar experiences to manifest. By clearing away these distorted patterns allows one to clear away the pain and be open to full flow of positive life experiences to come into ones being. The oral vibrational remedies of the 7 Ancient Fern Essences from the “Life Trauma Set” from First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand do exactly that. Order your blend of these ancient 7 Fern Essences today from and begin to move beyond pain and clear the aura. This is truly a profound process to be able to easily and effortlessly engage in simply by taking the essences 3-4 times a day with 4 drops under the tongue.

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