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Nature’s Design For Life is committed to introducing the 21st Century Sacred Plant Medicine of New Zealand into Europe. Bringing to clients the means to create dynamic change, self development, progress, soul development and healing. The ultimate outcome being inner peace and harmony, enhanced self-awareness and soul strength.

All Nature’s Design For Life products and consultation services exclusively uses the First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® range of essences for holistic healing and wellbeing. Quite simply because “they work” like nothing else does.

A powerful yet gentle means of transformation, these essences are natural vibrational remedies to achieve holistic wellbeing. Flower essences work at a vibrational or energetic/meta-physical level to rebalance the whole person physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. They work on the electrical network within and surrounding the physical body to correct imbalances and to re-align one’s energy systems for holistic wellbeing.

The range of 144 First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® hold the healing patterns that address 144 meta-physical/ distorted/dis-functional energetic patterns common to most emotional and spiritual dis-harmony. These essences can expertly combined to create complex formulas that specifically target the causes of emotional and spiritual imbalances. The essences work gently over time to restore emotional and spiritual inner harmony. Use alone or in conjunction with an empowered healing session with Kim Ahrens to rapidly shift unwanted life responses.

As part of our commitment to bringing the First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® to Europe and now America, we would like to invite anyone who may be interested to enquire about becoming a distributor/stockiest of First Light Natural Health pre-made blends. This offers an opportunity for additional financial income and also to be part of a growing community of people dedicated to making a difference to the earth by helping people achieve much need emotional support. For the earth to heal we must heal ourselves first.

While there is no financial gain for Natures Design For Life please mention Kim Ahrens when registering as a stockiest as a courtesy.

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First Light Natural Health© welcomes applications from holistic health practitioners, counselors, therapists, coaches and individuals who have a passion for promoting a natural approach to wellbeing.

Become a Stockist

http://www.firstlightnaturalhealth.co.nz/stockist-contact-form/ First Light Natural Health© products also make a great addition to natural health pharmacies, naturopathic clinics, whole foods stores, hair and beauty salons, gift stores and yoga studios.

I would like to acknowledge Tony Foster for the stunning home page photograph of Bi Flower Tree Fuchsia he has kindly given me the right to use here. Thanks Tony your work is stunning. Find more at http://www.bushmansfriend.co.nz

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