First Light Natural Health® Everyday Support Oral Spray

First Light Natural Health® Oral Sprays address six common situations. Ideal for the handbag, kitchen or first-aid kit. Crisis Support© Nature to the Rescue is an important first step in any physical, emotional, mental emergency. Crisis Support© gently smooths, calms and brings an easing. Research shows untreated trauma causes dis-harmony and potently dis-ease. De-Stress Support© Inner Peace and Calm encourages balance, resourcefulness and calmness. Prolonged stress is damaging and over time can result in dis-ease. Sleep Support© Sweet Dreams can be used as needed or everyday to bring change to sleep habits. De-Tox Support© Release Old Habits use to help let go of the old, break a habit, fasting, dieting or detoxing. Travel Support© Jet Lag Free use when travelling by plane, boat, car or train. Moving country or relocating. Motion sickness or feeling uncomfortable during travel. Fear of travelling. Tired, weary or fatigued. Weight Loss Support© Natural Weight Management. Use when ready to let go and release. Difficulty sticking to a healthy diet or an exercise plan. Struggling with self-image. Feeling blocked by unexpressed emotions. Feeling resentful, envious, bitter, stagnant, powerless or blaming others.

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