Birth Support© Welcome Baby

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A highly effective protective plant infusion blend to support a mother’s natural instinct and healthy emotional bond between mother and baby. Provides emotional strength in preparation for birth. Helps to feel protected by nature so you are able to tenderly welcome your baby to the world and into your life. Use during pregnancy and birthing. Safe for both mother and baby.

noUse for: Worry, fear, uncertainty, difficulties, confusion

yesBrings: Harmony, feminine strength, sense of security

Birth Support© provides support when you are experiencing any of the following:

  • Feeling uncomfortable with not being able to control the situation.
  • Having fear of physical pain.
  • Experiencing ‘stage fright’ type nerves.
  • Feeling tired or apprehensive during a prolonged or difficult labour.
  • Feeling anxious about change or adapting to a new life as a mother.
  • Feeling overwhelmed, doubting your ability to cope or having little emotional support.
  • Wanting to be focused, stay positive and get things moving in times of stasis.


yesSupports you in vanquishing unwanted thoughts, worries and fears.

yesAssists in initiating a healthy emotional bond between Mother and Baby.

yesAssists in developing strength to be able to accept and deal with challenging or changing circumstances.

yesHelps to connect with your instinctual nature and be at ease with your physical body and its processes.

Easy to use 20ml oral drops:

Place 2-4 drops directly under the tongue. Repeat 3-4 times daily.

Safe to take more frequently if desired and for as long as required. For maximum benefit, once the 20ml oral drops bottle is opened, continue taking until the bottle is finished.

Contains: Alkaline Mineral Water Ethanol (natural preservative) Aqueous botanical infusions of six specially selected New Zealand native plants:

Ingredients and benefits of each essence used in this blend.


Marlborough Rock Daisy (Pachystegia insignis) – Self-Worth

Helps to feel good about yourself. Assists in ability to trust your own instincts and have a quiet courage. Provides emotional strength in challenging times. Supports you in staying true to your values and to be able to take action in alignment with these values.

Starry Hibiscus (Hibiscus trionum) – Tenderness

Enhances the experience and expression of selfless love. Supports the need to care for yourself. Helps to feel emotionally secure. Helps to attune to your own emotional needs and urges. Helpful during time of emotional pain or vulnerability.

Kanuka (Kunzea ericoides) – Spontaneity

Helps to feel strong and capable while under pressure or when feeling tired, weary or fatigued. Supports regeneration, balance and inner strength. Supports the free flow of instinctual nature and spontaneous self-expression. Assists natural expression of your identity.

King Fern (Maratia salicina) – Security

Helps to shift old, stuck, heavy energy to feel at ease and physically secure. Helps to relax, feel safe and grounded. Helps to cope with sudden changes in life’s physical circumstances. Helps to clear energetic imprints associated with painful physical experiences.

Tree Fuchsia (Fuchsia excorticata) – Feminine Power
 Promotes inner harmony and serenity. Helps to access the unconditional love and power of the great mother energy. Helps to honour your own feelings and emotional needs. Helps to connect with and feel supported by the creative feminine energy, the anima.

Shining Spleenwort (Asplenium oblongifolium) – Synchronicity

Helps to align with a situation and know how to respond to it. Helps to be in tune with the  rhythms, cycles and timing of nature and life. Enhances the ability to go with the flow and embrace change. Helps to be in the right place at the right time and be in tune with the magic of the moment.

This is not a medical diagnosis and is not meant as a treatment for physical issues. Please consult your medical health advisor for a treatment plan.


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