Soul Support

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An essential Constitutional Essence© suitable for everyone, including children! This essence blend is unique to you! Based on your date of birth and works to bring you into alignment with key areas of your true self, maximize your potential and support you to live your life in a conscious, powerful and dynamic way. This blend dynamically supports your personality and souls evolution and growth. An essential blend for everyone! Brings a sense of wholeness to life! The blend corresponds to your date of birth, zodiacal sign, personality archetype, and your soul archetypical lessons. Turn personal negative traits into their positive expression. These are important gifts you bring to the world. When you are expressing your gifts your whole life changes. This blend brings a sense of wholeness to your life!  

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Key Constitutional Essence© One month supply of eight native plant essences which directly relate to your day of birth


3 Flower essences including Keynote Essence© – Personality Expression

1 Fern essence – Key layer of Aura

1 Tree essence – Key charka

1 Seed essence – Key Ancestral – Hereditary

2 Plant essences – Life and current year soul lesson support


Take 2-4 drops under the tongue 3 to 4 times a day.

25ml Treatment formula oral dropper bottle.

It can take up to two months to re-imprint and transform dis-harmonious patterns held in the energy field into their corresponding positive pattern, we recommend purchasing two bottles – 2 months supply.

Personally I recommend using for a long period of time as there is no limit to the degree of growth that can occur with using your Key Constitutional Essence Blend! You will be amazed!


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