Peaceful Baby Support© Soothe and Settle

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A highly effective nurturing plant infusion blend to help settle a crying baby and help baby to feel at peace. Supports the natural development of baby in its journey outside of the womb. Soothing and comforting. Ideal to use during times of stress, overwhelm, changing circumstances or when baby is unsettled and you are unsure what is upsetting your baby.

noUse for: Upset, crying, unsettled, difficulty bonding

Byesrings: Calm, settled, quiet, rested


Peaceful Baby Support© is ideal for settling a baby who is:

  • Unable to stop crying and obviously distressed.
  • Excessively sleepy after birth and behaving as if still in the womb.
  • Experiencing growing pains.
  • Having nightmares or waking up crying.
  • Being over-sensitive or over-reactive.
  • Starting daycare or going through other types of major changes, including travelling, relocating or changing routines.


yesAssists in settling a baby after a busy day out.

yesHelps baby to feel grounded, emotionally safe and secure.

yesSupports baby to rest and relax.

yesAssists in developing the ability to be flexible, adaptable and respond to change calmly.

Easy to use 20ml oral drops:

Bottle: Add 2-4 drops to milk or water. Food: Mix 2-4 drops into food at each meal. Bath: Add 4 drops to bath water. Can also be rubbed into baby’s soles or fontanel.

Safe for baby to take. Can be used for as long as required. For maximum benefit, once the 20ml oral drops bottle is opened, continue taking until the bottle is finished.

Contains: Alkaline Mineral Water Ethanol (natural preservative) Aqueous botanical infusions of six specially selected New Zealand native plants:

Ingredients and benefits of each essence used in this blend.


Chatham Island Geranium (Geranium traversii) – Nurturing Supports emotional freedom and independence. Helps to feel emotionally secure and safe. Supports the natural giving and receiving of nurturing. Helps to adjust to changes in the family or home environment.

Akepiro (Olearia furfuracea) – Synthesis Enhances the ability to respond to change positively. Helps to assimilate new experiences. Assists in developing tolerance. Supports wholeness and wellbeing. Helps to feel at ease and relaxed. Assists in finding balance and feeling healthy and whole.

Kowhai (Sophora microphylla) – Growth Helps to move forward smoothly in times of transition or travel. Helps to expand horizons and be open to new possibilities and adventures. Enhances the ability to leave behind the familiar to move into a new experience. Encourages curiosity, growth and belief in yourself.

King Fern (Maratia salicina) – Security  Helps to shift old, stuck, heavy energy to feel at ease and physically secure. Helps to relax, feel safe and grounded. Helps to cope with sudden changes in life’s physical circumstances. Helps to clear energetic imprints associated with painful physical experiences.

Native Hawthorn (Carpodetus serratus) – Moderation  Helps to create and maintain moderation, harmony and balance. Helps to release negativity, past upsets and heal old emotional wounds. Enhances the ability to adapt and adjust. Supports balanced flow of energy. Assists in moderating emotional responses and developing self-control.

Clematis (Clematis paniculata) – White Light Protection Assists in overcoming fears. Helps to gain control in difficult situations. Supports a sense of composure when feeling surrounded by chaos. Helps to feel empowered and protected. Clears negative energy. Helps to feel grounded and settled. Assists in making the right choices.

This is not a medical diagnosis and is not meant as a treatment for physical issues. Please consult your medical health advisor for a treatment plan.


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