Do you struggle to see the beauty of who you are due to negative habitual patterns of self-judgement, self-criticism and not feeling good enough?

The process of understanding and integrating the many facets of yourself – the ‘good’, the ‘bad’ and the ‘ugly’ – requires compassion, kindness and self-acceptance. This is often not an easy process as there are likely aspects of yourself that you have shunned, rejected and buried because they are not ‘perfect’, good enough, or you perceive them as being flawed, ‘wrong’ or ‘broken’.

We are all on a journey to learn, evolve and grow and to return to a state of wholeness. For wholeness to be restored and for you to express and experience the fullness of who you are, accepting the unloved and rejected parts of you is a vital part of the holistic healing process.

Remember – Divinity created you in its own image and you are ultimately perfect!

Support yourself with flower essences

You can support yourself to experience greater levels of self-acceptance, holistic healing and wholeness with flower essences. The blend of flower essences recommended below can help you move into deeper levels of self-acceptance, self-love and release habitual patterns of guilt, self-doubt and being hard on yourself.

This blend has been specially curated from selected First Light® flower essences to support you on multiple levels of your holistic being. The First Light® flower essences in this blend holistically support you to restore contact with your inner power and will, to know that you are inherently perfect and to move beyond habitual patterns of being hypercritical, judgemental and feeling not good enough or imperfect.

Content and formula taken from First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand website, all rights reserved.

No 1 Pohutukawa – The Initiative Essence – supports you to be self-aware, to assert yourself and have a clear sense of your identity. Helps restore contact with your inner power and will.

No 16 Small White Rata – The Perfection Essence – supports you to know that you are inherently perfect and aware of the perfection in everything. Helps you to energetically heal the mind-body split and eliminate unhealthy patterns of self-rejection, self-condemnation and distorted perceptions of perfection.

No 17 Akepiro – The Synthesis Essence – supports you to appreciate differences and helps you to grasp the principle of unity in diversity. A very helpful essence if you are hypercritical, worry excessively about the details and get stressed out about being ‘perfect’.

No 18 Purple Koromiko – The Simplicity Essence – supports self-acceptance and helps you move beyond self-destructive guilt programs, feelings of not being good enough, and underestimating or playing down your skills or abilities.

No 47 Kauri – The Beauty Essence – supports self-acceptance and self-love so you radiate a feeling of wholeness and a loving sense of self. Energetically addresses a lack of or a diminished sense of self and supports an increased capacity for love.

No 53 Wharangi – The Non-Judgement Essence – supports the gentle release of energetic patterns of disempowerment and fear of your own power. Helps you to move beyond limiting beliefs and patterns of being critical and putting yourself down, and supports you to create a new self-image that accurately reflects your true power.

No 66 Rangiora – The Masculine Power Essence – supports you to manage your life effectively, and be in touch with your own authority. Helps you to be self-determined, effective, to emanate personal authority and autonomy, and live in an empowered fashion.

You can take these flower essences individually 2-4 drops directly under the tongue or in a glass of water 3-4 times daily. Or you can use them to create your own flower essence blend.

It can take up to two months to establish energetic alignment and changes within the holistic being, we recommend taking the essences for two months.