Sensitive Children

$ 22.00

A special blend for Indigo – Crystaline Children.

It is well recognized that many of our children are more advanced, more intelligent then we are. However, what is often not so well understood is that they are also highly sensitive to people, the environment, foods, and the highly complex 21st century challenges that they face from pollution, internet, and school life to name just a few. They often struggle to cope with this sensitivity and to manage the diverse range of challenges that they face. They need extra help!

The extremely rare New Zealand Orchid Essences are specifically for these children, they are very high frequency vibrational remedies that help them to build a more robust aura/energy matrix and align them to the higher vibrational frequencies that they function well in. This is an essential blend for all children and also those who are walking a spiritual pathway seeking spiritual growth. The Key Constitutional Essence© listed above is also an ideal support for these children.


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